In Transit


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A more intricate sound than their first release, TMOF focuses more on vocals in this 4 song EP. In Transit was recorded by the original TMOF line up in March of 2010. Guitars and drums done in San Diego, CA with vocals, mixing, fixing, and drinking done in Long Island, NY.


released July 1, 2010

TMOF: john flynn, ryan bradley, josh anderson, mark haemmerle, ryan burdick

Recorded by: Tom Flynn (NY) and Mark Haemmerle (CA)

Additional guitar on Happy, Hopeful... by Greg Fenton
Keys done by Tom Flynn



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TMOF New Haven, Connecticut

The Morning On Fire is a New Haven based rock band consisting of brothers John and James Flynn and drummer Jared Dewick.

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Track Name: almost, mostly, and completely
I breathe you in.
Remember right now because its all that I can.
The sound of your voice and feel of your skin.
Love this now.

Moments I can still picture:
You still and silent, sound asleep and dreaming.
Musing over cigarettes that keep burning and friends that stop leaving,
Of all the little things that make this feel so big.
Shaping words into worlds and I'm fearing that the whole world might end.
Left to reshaping patterns, wishing I could make it whole again.

Almost mostly and completely, I'm captivated by every step that you've been taking
So for the moment we are dancing, well, I can't fathom where you're leading.
I've never been such a young lover
As if the drugs and music didn't have me flustered.
You're not a problem that needs solving though I refuse to let it go.
If I held you close would I crush you and you bleed into the air?
If I fell to sleep would you be here or would you disappear?

I want to know your hands by the trace of a finger
And your presence in the room with both my eyes closed.
I want to look into you like a mirror and not think what I've become,
Just realize who I am inside and not what I what I thought I was.

I awake, and we're the only souls around,
Unless your holding out, I know that I'm not holding out my hands for you
I'm not hungry, I'm not tired
I just want someone to pull me in, a deep breath, into their lungs and slowly blow me out.
Because I'm going to wash the weight of the world off of your shoulders
And you can spread your love around, I know that you if can, you will and we'll both let go
And we'll drift off into the deep abyss where we know nothing and no one
And we'll watch the way the world has changed, dream of when we're sober.
Track Name: Secrets
I like this best
because it looks like you
when your lips are chapped
peeling off fresh
showing signs of spring
underneath their flesh
that's you undressed

I hope this night
passes by so slow
that we lose track
of the feelings we had
lost like the time
its not that I'm detached
just a feeling I lack

like a secret
passed from lips
soft and discrete like a kiss
the promise
we missed our mark
its not a short coming
its a falling apart.

Shadows fall to past
when we give out our words
and take them back
hands once clasped
left still on our side
nothing gold can last
so we too, collapsed

hands shaking
bitter cold from the inside
there isn't anyone left alive
that's part of my mind
just an ever growing wear
from the strides across the floor
no place but the constant pace
where this all comes from
Track Name: Happy, Hopeful, Strapped with Dynamite
Rise and shine, wipe your eyes dry
Out of Bed, get your head straight
And grab your coat, it looks like rain.

What you know is what your told

I let you go, gave you water watched you grow.
You played your part at the cross roads through the park.

Well, I've been gone for way too long,
A flame caught on my wings
Left me blackened, burned, and tarnished.

I've abandoned all the silence that comes with solitude
And finally feel the weight of my distractions.